beanie, light pink | onesize
beanie, light pink | onesize

beanie, light pink | onesize

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  • Choose Ninyes 2nd hand - on average 82% less CO2 emissions.

Myssyfarmi beanie in light pink/coral. The beanie is hand-knitted by Myssy Grannies in Pöytyä Finland from 100% Finnsheep wool. 

Myssy is One Size / M and it fits 85% of our customers. It fits well for hat sizes between 54 to 59 cm. Each Myssy is unique, and though all our grannies work off from the same size chart, not all hats are precisely the same.

Seconhand Myssy hats adjust to the shape of the user. If the hat is well-used, you can wash it in a gentle wool program, strech when wet and the hat will return closer to it's original shape. If the hat is unused, all 
Myssy hats should feel a little tight in the beginning, the hat adjusts to the size and shape of your head within the first week of use.

Material: 100% Finnsheep wool. Similar in softness to Merino, the fiber's overlapping scales point inward making the yarn particularly soft.

Condition: Good - This item is in a good condition, but the fabric is lightly worn or fluffed in washing.

Ninyes partners with cool, sustainable brands to bring you a collection of 2nd hand clothes in great condition. And makes it super easy for you to give your unused clothes a second chance.

We ship all items from our office in Helsinki. Our aim is to be swift, 90% is shipped in 1-2 working days.

All items have been checked and photographed by our staff. If you are not happy with your item, you can return it within 14 days.

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